Gercel and Victoria — Ayna


Gercel and Victoria (Альпер Герчель, Виктория Александровна Романенко)
«Ayna» (Айна — зеркало, в переводе с турецкого )
Gercel and Victoria, Slowchestra music
Alper (vocal) is highly graduated from Government Conservatorium of Opera Stage Arts ( Izmir). For more then 15 years he is lead vocal of “ Mayday” band. He took stage in different countries such as Dubai, Germany, Greece, Cyprus and South Korea (Expo 2012). For a while Alper was lead vocal of “Dolapdere Big Gang” and took part as guest artist in recording of their first album.
Victoria (trumpet ? ) — graduated from National Music Academy named by P.Tchaikovsky ( Kiev, Ukraine) She was principal trumpeter Turing China tour with Hamburg Symphony Orchestra ,first trumpeter in Freedom Jazz(Ukrainian Jazz Band) and Moonlight (Ukrainian pop band that located in Mexico city, Mexica) . After touring during last 5 years with different projects all over the world( Germany, China, Mexica, USA, Ukraine, Gvatemala, Russia etc) in 2015 she moved to Turkey and join «Mayday» group.
2018 — Alper and Victoria start #GercelAndVictoria project and record their first single #Ayna which is coming soon

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